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Scientific name: Roupala montana


Other common names:

Canjica, Carne-de-vaca, Carvalho-do-brasil, Carvalho-nacional, Carvalho-rosa, Carvalho-vermelho, Carvoeiro-do-cerrado, Catucanhém, Caxicaém, Faeira, Fruta-de-morcego, Guaxica, Louro-faia, Patuquiri, Pau-conha-roxo, Pau-de-concha, Tucajé.



Commercial height: 11.90m; Diameter (DBH): 54.1cm; Trunk: straight.


General characteristics:

Heartwood/sapwood: distinct;

Thickness of sapwood: 1.5cm to 4.0cm;

Heartwood color: yellowish red (5YR 4/6);

Sapwood color: light reddish brown (5YR 6/3);

Growth rings: distinct;

Grain: straight;

Texture: coarse;

Tangential figure: of rough aspect, caused by radial parenchyma;

Radial figure: in wide and contrasted radial bands;

Luster: medium;

Odor: indistinct;

Resistance to manual cross-cutting: moderately hard.



The sapwood is easy to preserve with creosote (oil-borne) and CCA (water-borne). The heartwood is difficult to preserve with CCA.


Kiln drying:

Very rapid (1.0 day) with slight tendency to pronouced cupping and medium warping Schedule used: SEVERE.



End-Uses: Heavy construction, light construction, turnery, furniture and interior trim, toys, and household utensils.


Test Planing Sanding Turning Boring
Number of samples 17 17 12 10
Processing Easy Easy Fair Fair
Finishing Fair Fair Good Good
Surface Fuzzy and torn Fuzzy Easy Torn and crushed



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Phisical Properties:


Density(g/cm3) Shrinkage (%) Shrinkage Tangential/ Shrinkage Radial
Dry Green Basic 12% Tangential Radial Volumetric
0.93  1.24  0.77    12.30  6.30  18.00  1.95


Mechanical Properties:


State Static Bending Compression Janka Hardness
Modulus of rupture (kgf/cm2) Modulus of elasticity (1.000kgf/cm2) Parallel to the grain Perpendicular to the grain Parallel to the grain (kgf) End to the grain (kgf)
Maximum compression (kgf/cm2) Stress at proportional limit (kgf/cm2)
Green 994  148   497   87   805  839 
Dry 1614  173  846  112  976  984  


State Tension Cleavage strenght Shear Nail extration
Perpendicular to the grain Maximum compression (kgf/cm) Maximum compression (kgf/cm) Parallel to the grain (kgf) End to the grain (kgf)
Maximum compression (kgf/cm2)
Green 61  79  109     
Dry 63  87  157     


Source: Laboratory of Forest Products - IBAMA-Brasília-Brazil


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