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Scientific name: Apuleia molaris


Other common names:

Abiu-casca-grossa, Abiurana, Abiurana-amarela, Abiurana-goiaba, Amarelão, Barajuba, Cumararana, Cumarurana, Garapa, Garapeira, Grapia, Maraúba, Miratoá, Miraúba, Muirajuba, Muiraruira, Muirataná, Muiratauá, Muiraúba, Murajuba, Pau-cetim, Pau-mulato, Sapocajuba, Sapucajuba.



Commercial height: 11,40 m; Diameter: (DBH) 62.10 cm - (DAS) 67.73 cm; Trunk: straight/tortuous; Buttress: from low to 3,00 m.




Results Planing Frame Sanding Belt Narrow Turning Boring
Number of samples 47 35 9 47
Surface Finishing Bad Excellent Excellent Good
Defect Torn No defect Acceptable Fuzzy
Setting Equipment Not suitable - Not suitable Suitable



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Phisical Properties:


Density(g/cm3) Shrinkage (%) Shrinkage Tangential/ Shrinkage Radial
Dry Green Basic 12% Tangential Radial Volumetric
0.86  1.25  0.75  0.88 10.10  6.50  15.90 1.55


Mechanical Properties:


State Static Bending Compression Janka Hardness
Modulus of rupture (kgf/cm2) Modulus of elasticity (1.000kgf/cm2) Parallel to the grain Perpendicular to the grain Parallel to the grain (kgf) End to the grain (kgf)
Maximum compression (kgf/cm2) Stress at proportional limit (kgf/cm2)
Green 922  116   432   135   638  720 
Dry 1272  129  644  158  745  845  


State Tension Cleavage strenght Shear Nail extration
Perpendicular to the grain Maximum compression (kgf/cm) Maximum compression (kgf/cm) Parallel to the grain (kgf) End to the grain (kgf)
Maximum compression (kgf/cm2)
Green 48  62  112  147  209 
Dry 56  68  131     


Source: Laboratory of Forest Products - IBAMA-Brasília-Brazil


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