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Scientific name: Dipteryx odorata


Other common names:

Baru, Cambaru, Cambaru-ferro, Catinga-de-boi, Champagne, Champanha, Combari, Coração-de-negro, Cumari, Cumaru, Cumaru-amarelo, Cumaru-da-folha-grande, Cumaru-de-cheiro, Cumaru-do-amazonas, Cumaru-escuro, Cumaru-ferro, Cumarurana, Cumaru-rosa, Cumaru-roxo, Cumaru-verdadeiro, Cumaruzeiro, Cumaruzinho, Cumbari, Cumbaru, Cumbaru-ferro, Cumbaru-roxo, Emburama-brava, Fava-tonca, Faveira-tonca, Ipê-cumaru, Kumbaru, Muimapajé, Muirapapé, Muirapayé, Paru, Sacupembinha, Sapucaia, Sucupira, Sucupiramirim.



Commercial height: 8.80m; Diameter: (DBH) 49.8cm; (DAB) 60.2cm; Trunk: straight/tortuous; Buttress: from low to 2,40cm.


General characteristics:

Heartwood/sapwood: distinct;

Thickness of sapwood: 2.0cm to 6.0cm;

Heartwood color: brown (7.5YR 5/4);

Sapwood color: very pale brown (10YR 7/4);

Growth rings: distinct;

Grain: interlocked;

Texture: medium to fine;

Tangential figure: caused by prominent vascular lines;

Radial figure: in narrow longitudinal bands, caused by growth rings;

Luster: lacking; Odor: indistinct;

Resistance to manual cross-cutting: hard.



The heartwood is untreatable with creosote (oil-borne) or CCA (water borne).


Kiln drying:

Rapid (6.0 days) with medium warping Schedule used: SEVERE.



End-Uses: Heavy construction, light construction, boats, turnery, and paneling.



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Phisical Properties:


Density(g/cm3) Shrinkage (%) Shrinkage Tangential/ Shrinkage Radial
Dry Green Basic 12% Tangential Radial Volumetric
1.06  1.28  0.91     8.40  5.40 13.50 1.56


Mechanical Properties:


State Static Bending Compression Janka Hardness
Modulus of rupture (kgf/cm2) Modulus of elasticity (1.000kgf/cm2) Parallel to the grain Perpendicular to the grain Parallel to the grain (kgf) End to the grain (kgf)
Maximum compression (kgf/cm2) Stress at proportional limit (kgf/cm2)
Green 1364 162   693   160   1292 1393
Dry 1764 183 987 210 1339 1601  


State Tension Cleavage strenght Shear Nail extration
Perpendicular to the grain Maximum compression (kgf/cm) Maximum compression (kgf/cm) Parallel to the grain (kgf) End to the grain (kgf)
Maximum compression (kgf/cm2)
Green 64 93 169    
Dry 49 87 224    


Source: Laboratory of Forest Products - IBAMA-Brasília-Brazil


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